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One component of the pedestal mount, the Ml 42 machinegun mount (which serves as a cradle for the gun), is adaptable to other vehicles. Cradle Assembly, BMG .30 caliber, BAR, & .50 cal Browning Machine Gun. "44376a7976744a6f68794a766b6c2f7130293636253232602660603f7d412b2b3f7c417972" + send us an email - we have hundreds of items in stock mounting clip for a NATO 200 round 5.56mm ammunition drum, ammunition can holder for a NATO 200 round 7.62mm ammunition can. The mount‘s ammunition can holder accepts the 200 rd or 400 rd 7.62 x 54mm ammo cans. Machine Gun Mounts For Sale to the Entertainment Industry and Museums (Not for Export outside of the USA) Entertainment Armory (Hollywood Ordnance), a division of BMGPC, Inc., is a supplier of military gun mounts (Armament) and military hardware to movie prop houses, movie studios and museums. The MSG DShK Gun Mount family includes: In addition, the MSG Tri-Rail Light Bracket can be attached to all variants of the DShK mount. The PKM adapter is designed to work in conjunction with the MSG DShK mount, allowing the operator to use one mount with multiple weapon systems without the use of tools. Many GI's used these as lunch box as they had slide up and down carrying handles. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. "467e776e7c6c6a796e31302e303423393d3b3d6d3d403b393e393f3a403b407b2f70303439" + An optimized vehicle turret mount that drops into a Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA) for use with a Traverse & Elevation Mechanism (T&E). The H60-6 machine gun mount accepts the M60/MK43 family of machine guns and is specifically designed for use with the SA10 swing arm. Products are in use by e.g. Installation requires no tools. The Traverse and Elevation Mechanism (T&E) controls the traverse and elevation of the weapon system, facilitating accurate fire. mk19 gernade launcher, 1919, m60 and others. The MG 15 machine gun served the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) heading into, and during, World War 2 (1939-1945). This ammunition can holder is identical to the standard-issue MK93 100 round .50 Cal ammo can holder except that it also accommodates a standard NATO 200 round 7.62mm ammo can when used with the MSG M240/M249 adapter. The Quick Detach Bracket is a mount interface for SOLO and KOLOS which provides a “no tool” mounting on both the M2 12.7mm (.50 cal) machine gun and the 40mm GMG (AGL). The mount‘s ammunition can holder holds the 200 or 400 round 7.62 x 54mm ammunition cans. Search, buy and sell Machine Guns on GunStar today! View our selection of the best available machine guns. Free worldwide shipping available! Buying an M31c machine gun mount can be one of the more exiciting additions to your jeep restore. MSG’s PKM-12 Machine Gun Mount is designed for use with the SA12 Swing Arms. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= £234.00. These two pieces interface perfectly. What mounts on the rails of the M240 machine gun? Military Systems Group Mounts attach directly to the bed of the vehicle using a Tactical Weapon Mounting Station (TWMS) and accommodates a number of different weapon configurations to meet operator requirements. No Exports! "237d3f223b793d27273b783d756e6573636170652878293b666f7228693d303b693c782e6c" + 481 - Browning All Metal Replica .30 calibre Machine Gun . The parallel ammunition can reduce the width by over 6”, which greatly increases the range of motion, especially when firing from a curbside A- or B-pillar position. "2f6d3f6c786b726970327c406d3f34416d2c763f7d2323263f7d412b2b3f6a73762c6d4134" + 1076 - Browning .50 Calibre M2-HB Steel Replica Machine Gun with Tri-Pod. The mount’s ammunition can holder accepts the 7.62x54mm 200 and 400 rd ammunition cans. Easyinstallation with wrench. We carry select fire rifles, full auto personal defense weapons, submachine guns and belt-fed machine guns ... SALE: $8,995.00 . Combinent has designed and produced cradles and pedestals for heavy and medium machine guns and grenade launchers. $19.95, US, Plus Shipping. What mounts on the rails of the M240 machine gun? Dated April, 22, 1943. MOD2 has an inline ammunition can holder which is parallel to the weapon. BSA WR 4x32 TELESCOPIC Air Gun Rifle SCOPE Sight Hunting With 11mm 3/8" Mounts 5 out of 5 stars (42) 42 product ratings - BSA WR 4x32 TELESCOPIC Air Gun Rifle SCOPE Sight Hunting With 11mm 3/8" Mounts H24-6 machine gun weapon’s mount with all the same features as the M24-095 with the addition of a tool kit and carrying bag. a sharp example, most m3 tripods available are beat due to size and weight. "3c3f3a3f6c3f3e403c3c6c3b6f3f3a3c6e3b3b3b423c6b3c6d3d403b393e393f3a403b403d" + Please visit our menu link above to view our full line of products. Mounting system for the 1917 or 1919 BMG's only. We offers machine gun mount products. To get the exact replica of the original used in WWII, visit our website today! Yes, there are adapter kits to fit both the m240 and an m60 machine gun. £1100.00. The PKM OTM (Optimized Turret Mount) is designed to work with a Traverse and Elevation and Universal Pintle Adapter. The optimized designminimizes weight and barrel heat retention. Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. "3d403c3b3e3c3b3c3940393f3a3f403f3e3b3e3c3b3c3e3f3f3c6d3e6c3b3b3f6d3f3a3f42" + Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). The USMC designated MSG’s T&E as its standard issue as part of the M35 mount. MOD1’s ammunition can holder is perpendicular to the weapon and comes with a grab handle. AC28. Savings: $505.00. It is designed to accept heavy armor shields with light or medium machine guns. The MK93 supports either 100/200 round .50 Cal ammo can holder or 40mm ammo can holder. The Dual-Use Ammo Can Holder (Part No. "='';for(i=0;i

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